Who We Are

We have come from half of the world,
carrying with us the art, culture, and identity of Iran. Let us look and contemplate on the authentic art of our city and country, which is Iranian hand-woven carpets. We have come to introduce this heritage to you, from the smallest details such as the patterns to each knot, using digital art. The younger generation must know that this artwork, which is hand-woven carpets, is a legacy left for us by our ancestors. We are also obligated to turn this artwork into a legacy for future generations, and this truth will never change. The carpets in our collection include rare and antique pieces that have been woven by Iranian artists and weavers, especially Iranian women. All of our collection’s carpets have one or more unique NFTs and are presented as a collection.

We are proud to offer the best services in the shortest time possible for collectors, art lovers, and carpet enthusiasts. For more information on our work process, please refer to our Roadmap section