Collection 224

Look at these carpets! How can so much complexity be found in one place? If you want to see the story behind these carpets, you will see that there are many people involved in creating this work of art, from the designer to the weavers and many others who play an important role in this piece. The carpets in this collection are between 70 and 100 years old and come from regions such as Isfahan, Hamedan, Shahr-e Kord, Malayer, Kashan, Sarough, Kerman, Kurdistan and Khoyegan.Carpets with this age and before the commercialization of carpet production have better quality compared to today’s mass-produced carpets both in terms of texture and color. The quality of these carpets is excellent relative to their age and has been approved by our experts. By buying carpets from this collection, not only can you give a fresh spirit to your home interior but also invest in something that retains its value and remains for future generations.


Isfahan Ahmad Kashi

The first carpet in the collection 224 is the famous Ahmad Kashani Isfahan carpet with an age of almost 100 years dating back to 1920. Ahmad’s carpets were famous in his time and today they are among the rare and special Isfahan carpets that are very difficult to find with such quality. This carpet has a red background with a mihrab pattern and an extraordinary color combination. This carpet is a total masterpiece.


Malayer mishen

The next piece in the collection is a carpet from Mishan Malayer, a village located in the western province of Hamedan, Iran. It features a medallion design with a background of camel-colored wool, which is one of the main colors used in Malayer carpets. This piece is truly like an underground treasure, with its color, pattern, and 100-year-old kilim.


Malayer mishen (afshan)

Similar to the previous example from Mishan Malayer, this carpet also features one of the main colors of the region – an eye-catching shade of orange with an intricate design. This piece is almost 80 years old and has remained in excellent condition in terms of quality. It can definitely draw attention to any space it’s placed in.


Hamedan shahrbaf

The masterpiece that you’ll fall in love with is a rug that’s almost 70 years old and one of the rarest carpets available in its style. This carpet can transform your living room into a dreamy space with its dimensions of 415×320 cm. It’s from Shahrbaf Hamedan and is a beautiful “rare carpet” made from fine wool and cotton threads – finer than Isfahan rugs. (Please don’t judge it based on the photo; you’ll fall in love with it up close.)


Sarouk mohajeran

Red background! Immersed in Shah Abbasid flowers “When you look closely at it, it drives you crazy” and gives energy to your space that is truly insane. A masterpiece of Sarough located in Arak province “Sarough region carpets have worldwide fame, but this piece is 80 years old and is still like its first day. The combination of the background color and the attractive colors of Shah Abbasi flowers has created an artistic work


Isfahan blue

A pair of Isfahan rugs or curtain size rugs” The size of this rug is longer than standard rugs, with a medallion or toranj design and a blue background. Its material is wool and cotton, but it has a very fine texture. The age of this pair of rugs is approximately 70 years old and is in perfect condition. Overall, if you love blue color, you have made the best choice


Kerman laver

It’s really an example of beauty! How can a weaver weave such patterns with such delicacy! The medallion of thisrug speaks to you. This piece comes from Kerman Lavars with an age of approximately 90 years” It’s stunning! Its red color shines.Let’s be honest! Haven’t you been amazed?


Isfahan haghighi

Another carpet from Isfahan with the design of Farahan! Our homeland… This piece, with a history of about 70 years, is a true masterpiece woven by a famous brand called “Haghighi”. Let’s not judge it based on its photo, as seeing it up close takes you deep into its repetitive patterns and its blue and red borders give life to the carpet. This piece has dimensions of 430*320 and is a masterpiece for modern and even classic spaces. Imagine a 70-years-old carpet with a famous brand is in front of you and you own it! Congratulations!


Shalamzar (mahmood khan)

Mahmoud Khan Shalamzar carpet (named after its designer, who was one of the most famous and high-level designers) is such a masterpiece that even its name indicates its greatness.

Yes, this piece and its patterns belong to this person, and it is almost 90 years old, just like the first day. Its design is a masterpiece! This carpet seems to have multiple dimensions! Look at it! The combination of colors and patterns keeps your space very warm, and with this age and quality, you are definitely purchasing a reliable work of art.



This carpet is known as “Chalshotor” and can be recognized from its pattern. With an age of about 80 years, it is one of the finest and most finely woven carpets in this region and is in excellent condition in terms of quality. If you want a warm space that is also classically appropriate, you have made a very suitable choice… (Inside parentheses, let me say that the shapes on this carpet resemble aliens. It’s interesting! Let’s be a little creative and imaginative.)


Heris( band reyhan)

his carpet with dimensions of 430*350 is from the Heris region in Iran. With a history of over 100 years, it features a famous pattern called “Band-e-Reyhan”. Heris carpets are world-renowned, and this pattern is one of the rarest in the region. The intricate designs, combined with warm and attractive colors, make it captivating despite its dark background. It can work wonders for a classic space


Armani baf (khoyegan oleia)

This piece has a story to tell – “Armenian families who used to live in Khoygan (a village in Isfahan province) have left no trace behind. However, about 70 years ago, one of these families wove this famous Armenian carpet with a navy blue background and a red medallion in the center.” Just look at the medallion, is amazing. Please Enjoy watching it.

(Inside the parentheses, this carpet won’t destroy so easily.)


Shahrekord riahia

A carpet that is called “Kheshti”!

Have you ever seen a carpet like this before? It’s dreamlike! It likes you’re dreaming a beautiful dream. Everything you can think of is inside this dream! Everything is alive! It’s as if magic has happened! There’s a story in every part of it! The colors are shining! It’s amazing. This is a dream that you don’t want to end… This piece is from the “Shahrekord Carpet” collection and is known as “Kheshti”. It has a history of about 70 years and belongs to the Riayha family, who are famous in this region. No matter how much I praise this carpet, it’s not enough! So enjoy it…



A painting from Kashan! This carpet with dimensions of 205*135 is truly (like) a painting. It doesn’t need much praise… You have to look at it, get lost in it, and enjoy it. This is the best way to understand an artwork… (This piece has a history of 80 years)


kurdistan seneh

This is the only piece in our collection that features silk. The main materials used in this rug are wool and silk. Take a look! You will either fall in love with it at first sight or hate it, but if you do fall in love with it, know that this masterpiece is between 80 to 90 years old and features four original Kurdish region designs. It is a branded rug and one of the rarest pieces in our collection. This rug is a product of Sanandaj, Kurdistan, under the brand name .Suleimani.