The carpets are professionally packaged and sent via air transportation. Our commitment is to cover the risks until the destination airport. The shipping cost to Europe and the Middle East is free, and the shipping cost to other regions of the world is the customer’s responsibility

The delivery time is announced to you at the time of requesting physical delivery of the carpet, and due to our existing limitations, we are obliged to inform you of the delivery time at the time of shipment. Our team will send your package as soon as possible

NFTs serve as the backbone of the carpets and are the best way to identify their authenticity. You are not just buying an ordinary carpet, but rather purchasing a piece of art through NFTs.

Yes, if you are looking at it as an investment, buying an NFT makes you the owner of the carpet. However, if you are only interested in purchasing an NFT and looking at it as a long-term or short-term investment in the NFT market, until the NFT is yours, the carpet remains in our inventory, and you are the owner of the NFT. If you decide to sell the NFT, the owner of the carpet is the person who owns the NFT

Our collection of carpets includes some of the rarest and most antique Iranian carpets, which have been verified by our experts. At the time of purchasing an NFT, if requested, a carpet certificate will be emailed to you, which includes the verification of our experts. Our after-sales services are always available to you after the purchase and delivery of the carpet.